Two Autumnal Days in Cologne with Davide Nicolini and Shaz Ansari

Cologne, November 28-29, 2017

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The DFG Network on Temporary Organizing is currently gearing up for its second meeting to take place at the University of Cologne on November 28/29. In this post, we want to provide a short outlook on our upcoming program and our pre/post-workshop activities.

The second workshop is going to be structured around the presentation and constructive discussion of paper outlines to be developed into full papers for our third meeting in Tilburg next year. In case you are interested in getting in contact with our network, or see what we are working on, please make sure to attend the Tilburg Temporary Organizations Conference. Abstract submission is open until the January 12, 2018 and full papers are due May 18, 2018.

Our second workshop will feature notable international guests, with Davide Nicolini (University of Warwick) and Shaz Ansari (University of Cambridge) joining us. In addition to providing feedback and guidance on the paper outlines presented at our workshop, they will also present some of their ongoing work on temporary organizing. In his talk, Davide will share his thoughts on “Practice approaches and what can they say about temporary organizations (if anything)?”, and Shaz will provide an overview over his current and past work on time and temporality in management studies. To complement scientific work with practical insight, the workshop will also feature a segment on temporality in consulting work, covering a site visit and discussion at Detecon—a Cologne-based international consultancy heavily invested in agile transformations, next-generation HR systems, and modern office design.


Hope to see you in Cologne!

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